“Taste is personal, quality is not”: our motto concisely and clearly communicates the company’s philosophy. Focusing on quality, we are able to offer a wide range of products and flavors to satisfy the needs and taste of all customers. For the production of our sweets we use only carefully selected, top-notch ingredients. We combine them using traditional, time-tested recipes, often overlooked in the era of mass production, enriching them with elements of fusion cuisine.

The main business goal of Saudi Rakeen Company for Karmello brand is to become as famous in ME as the brand is in Europe to satisfy our dear customers and to continue providing the best quality for our products to our dear customers, focusing on a special unique customer care.

The Exterior and interior designs and furniture will be provided or advised by Saudi Rakeen Company for our own branches and will allow the same service for our franchisees all over the franchise territories.

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